What can I do?

Web Design

Provide customers with personalized home page design and establish corporate image

Data Security

Provide data security detection services for enterprises to find vulnerabilities in time


Operational projects include user growth, order growth and production of related content

Agent Operation

The operation projects include re purchase promotion of shop users, viscosity of community users, short video content scripts and fan growth, etc.

Help enterprises operate members, improve the repurchase rate of members and increase the order volume.

Provide short video content planning and editing process, and provide guidance for video editing.

Help customers maintain and update the contents of websites and apps, analyze data and form data reports.

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Payment Channel


E-mail & Collection account

Please send an email to 84313405@qq.com;PayPal's collection account is 84313405@qq.com


After confirming the cooperation, please pay 60% in advance with PayPal within three working days.